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Taco Bell Uses QR Codes on Dorito Tacos

Taco Bell Uses QR Codes on Dorito Tacos

The idea of a Taco Bell taco wrapped in a Dorito shell sounds like an idea big enough to sell itself, but Taco Bell is taking things one step further with a QR Code-based augmented reality promotion. Click through to find out what will happen when you scan one of these tacos with your phone.

The paper holders for Doritos Locos Tacos will feature a QR code that, when scanned, will redirect to exclusive video content from Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat concerts. Content will be updated weekly.

Taco Bell customers can also interact with the brand via tweets and Facebook comments. Between March 12 and May 6, some of those Tweets containing the hashtag #DoritosLocosTacos will be displayed on digital billboards in Times Square and Sunset Boulevard. When a tweet appears, the sender will be send a live snapshot of the billboard.

Are you eagerly awaiting the Doritos Locos Taco?

  • Dluttenberger

    you say “click through to find out what happens…but where is the “click/link?” I hope the QR campaign works better than your press release.

    • Thepackaginginsider

      It describes what will happen, it doesn’t provide a live demo. When the code is scanned it will deliver live video content to the user’s phone.

      If you read the pose from the main page, the “click” refers to the post cut link. Sorry for any confusion.