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Sweet Packaging for Sweets: Fiasco Gelato!

Sweet Packaging for Sweets: Fiasco Gelato!

Fiasco Gelato is a premium and small-batch artisan gelateria based out of Calgary, Alberta. In addition to gelato, they also produce Drinking Chocolate from scratch with homemade marshmallows. Mmmn… all of those flavors they offer!

Featured in this post is their most recent collection for Valentine’s Day 2014 – Valentines Cococo. It’s simple and sweet, just like their product! We really enjoy the “hand-made” feel to their labels and packaging – crisp cardboard sleeves and mason jars.

They are planning on coming out with a Spring/Easter collection soon – which we are excited to check out!


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Our Philosophy

At Fiasco, we believe that the key to success is finding something you love, striving everyday to be better at it, and always remembering to be humbled by where you’ve come from. Our collaborative group of like-minded individuals allows us to continue our pursuit of greatness, while making the greatest gelato around.


Every single day in our Cucina, we take the freshest ingredients we can find, add a few more naturally delicious things, then create our very best ensemble for you to enjoy.


Our goal is simple; to enrich people’s lives each and everyday. We just happen to do it by making gelato.


What is Artisan Gelato?

A word that should only be reserved for an elite, committed craft, “Gelato” is the age-old Italian art of frozen dessert. Artisan Gelato is a true commitment to the respect it deserves; it’s hand-crafted small batches. It’s created with fresh local milk, cane sugar and seasonal fresh fruit. It’s nuts from Sicily & Piedmont, the world’s finest chocolates, and other premium ingredients. It’s the difference between Fiasco and the other guys.

The art of making a Premium Gelato is different in that it produces a smoother, more flavourful product with less air, sugar and 1/3 the fat of traditional ice cream.



What is Fiasco Sorbetto?

Sorbetto is a dairy-free version, made the same way as Gelato, minus the milk. Sorbetto is fat-free, dairy-free, and full of natural flavour.


Where to buy Fiasco?

Our roots are in Calgary, Alberta, but Fiasco is also available in premiere restaurants, premium cafes and specialty groceterias throughout Canada and parts of the United States.

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