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Surf Grooming Kit: Sport Branding

Surf Grooming Kit: Sport Branding


There aren’t any other surfboard maintenance kits available today that have a packaging as original as The Surf Grooming Kit! The kit’s packaging, made out of wood, contains everything you need to give your surfboard the high-quality maintenance it deserves.

Designed by Canadian companies Make Co and Studio Point, the designers have included various things into the kit. Some are crucial for your surfboard, others not so crucial… It includes a Bronze and Brazilian Lapacho waxcomb , a black cotton cloth, a bar of wax and a bottle of methyl hydrate so no wax residues will stick to your surfboard.








What do you think of The Surf Grooming Kit packaging and branding? The packaging to us, doesn’t look like something surf-related, with the dark wood. Maybe lighter colors would have been more suitable? What are your thoughts? Let us know!