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Super Smart Clothing Packaging You Haven’t Seen Before

Super Smart Clothing Packaging You Haven’t Seen Before

Online shopping has totally become the norm, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love some super creative clothing packaging that breaks the norm. A well-thought out and innovate packaging style gives the clothes extra flair, and makes them feel more special than when they just arrive in a plastic bag inside a box! Don’t settle for boring (or even non-existent) packaging when it comes to styling yourself: here are some of our favorites to get you inspired.

Meat, Clothing, or Meat-Clothing?


This hilarious packaging idea comes from Heresod. The line of food-oriented t-shirts comes packaged as if they really could be picked out of the deli section. No, that is not a slab of pork you can actually eat. The novelty of this packaging gives the customer experience some pizzazz, which in turn probably results in lots of strong word-of-mouth marketing. Our favorites are definitely the pork and the blue slushie.

Delicious Pleats

Issey Miyake is a Japanese designer known for being the master of all things pleat-related. A few years ago, designer┬áTaku Satoh, also based in Japan, created this packaging concept for him that is absolutely lovely. The simple spherical shapes and clear material direct all our attention to the beauty of the texture in the clothing — that is, after all, what is Miyake is known for, so it was smart to play it up! It is fresh, colorful, and unexpected — we practically don’t want to take it out of the box!

Take a Gamble


Take a gamble at what is inside this deck of cards. Hint: it’s not actually cards. Burncard clothing offers up relatively simple, straight-forward t-shirt designs, but they’ve upped the ante with their cool packaging. Every shirt comes folded inside its players-style box, which obviously feedbacks nicely into the name and overall branding (since their audience appears to perhaps be blackjack obsessed bikers?).

Skinny Package for Skinny Jeans

Lee Skinny Jeans came up with this space saving alternative to big, bulky shopping bags (where jeans take up a measly amount of space at the bottom of the space). With the slim packaging design, you don’t have to be battling waves of crinkly paper bags as you try to maneuver down the street. We wonder if this concept actually saves materials as well, because the added bonus of being more sustainable is always a win!