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Spooky Chocolate Bars!

Spooky Chocolate Bars!

Spooky Chocolates

Haunted Delight

Based on your scariest nightmare superstars, we bring you five mind-numbing, mind-wobbling and super inappropriate experiences never tasted by your kind.

It’s almost that time of the year again, Halloween! It’s the holiday of costumes, candy, decorations, and more. Big companies, like M&M and Reese’s, come out with bags and bags of candies on store shelves. Within the past few years, crazy flavors like candycorn and pumpkin spice have become common. But their designs fall short! We really wanted some ‘EYE CANDY’, which is how we stumbled upon these spooky chocolates.

These five chocolate bar packages were created by Amrit Pal Singh. He is a Communication & Motion Designer. Born and raised in New Delhi, India, Amrit Pal Singh graduated with B.Sc. in Multimedia & Animation. He is currently living in Vancouver, Canada! Great work!


These candy bar packages have been featured on:



Mmmm… brains!


Just a hint of sweet!

How many flavors ARE there??



By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
Blogger about Packaging Design Trends. An advocate of new, fun packaging designs and prototypes. Supporting creative packaging designs worldwide.
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    Hi, I wonder what is the name of this tipe of packaging?