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Fancy Beer Packaging: South Lawn Beer Sampler

Fancy Beer Packaging: South Lawn Beer Sampler

Kate Allaire, a design student at the Pratt Institute, created a new packaging for South Lawn Beer. This sample packaging is not being sold in stores, but is going to be given away at events at The White House.

The Packaging is simple yet sophisticated. The packaging consists of frosted glass which gives the beers a nice texture, but at the same time it’s transparent so the packaging becomes more colorful. This doesn’t feel like your typical beer packaging – and could even be confused for wine packaging. But we welcome this change!











“This is a limited edition beer sampler for the brewery in the White House. I created the brand name, the logo, and this South Lawn frost edition. This is not sold in stores. It is an exclusive gift given out at White House events for the winter season. “























With its unique packaging through the used materials, which enhances the colors, and with the design that elevates the beer to a more sophisticated level, we think that the President will much appreciate Kate Allaire’s South Lawn Beer design!


Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.