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Homemade Soap Packaging Ideas

Homemade Soap Packaging Ideas

These homemade soap packaging ideas will change the way you look at lathering up. Soap packaging represents the ultimate combination of originality and elegance. With the recent surge in popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, soap can now be easily and tastefully packaged and either distributed to friends and family or simply displayed at home. With a few steps, you could dress up your bathroom or spice up a gift basket. Take a look at the following ideas to see how you can beautify your life with the simple addition of packaged soap.


Homemade soap packaging ideas Eclectically Vintage

Eclectically Vintage, seeks to empower all types of people when it comes to DIY projects and decorating. Here, it is demonstrated how to package soap with scrapbook paper, tape, chalkboard stickers, and a little bit of paint. For extra personalization, Eclectically Vintage recommends using the paint to write a unique monogram on each soap box for its recipient.


Homemade soap packaging

Rustic Escentuals

Rustic Escentuals is a library of scented crafts that can all be completed from the comfort of home. In this low-cost soap creation, a bath loofah is combined with the soaps to not only add to the aesthetic of the soaps, but to help exfoliate skin while lathering. Likewise, in this example, you are free to dye your soap any color you wish, along with selecting any color loofah, which only adds to the creative aspect of this project.



The Creativity Exchange

The free prints and stencils from the Creativity Exchange make unique soap packaging incredibly easy to execute. With tabs for both designing and making your own soap, the options are endless with the Creativity Exchange. As pictured below, one elegant idea is to print any number of images or words onto a brown paper bag and fill the bag with small soaps and toiletries. Then using a hole-punch and twine, secure the bag for a vintage-themed gift or decoration.


82db7e73f576970b1a765a5228b39d9c I’d Lather Be Soaping

This sweet-treat packaging idea uses cupcake liners to secure circular soaps. The author of this idea created her own peppermint swirl soap to add to the theme of baked goods. One simply needs to place the soap in the center of the liner and then fold in the creases to tightly wrap the soap. Creating labels, which could be printed and affixed to the packages, would add some flair to the cupcake liners.

How do you package homemade soap?




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