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Snack, Sip and Cheers: 2014 World Cup Packaging

Snack, Sip and Cheers: 2014 World Cup Packaging

When the United States plays against Belgium on Tuesday, make sure you and your brands are ready. Official sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup- Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Budweiser- created limited edition packaging.


McDonald’s is straying from their red and gold color scheme to bring bold and interactive packaging. This is the first time McDonald’s has applied a French fries’ packaging redesign on a global scale. The design captures the spirit of the event with energetic, colorful artwork. According to the press release, “The redesign will treat customers and futbol fans with an exclusive collection of original street art that reflects the beauty and passion of the game of futbol.” Cartons were created by twelve artists from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Spain and USA.


Once the fries are eaten, the packaging becomes interactive with the the app, McDonald’s GOL!, compatible with Apple and Android devices. The trick shot challenge game was also introduced with McDonald’s viral video, which has more than 5 million views.


Coca-Cola hoped to avoid cliche depictions of Brazil by collaborating with a native street artist- Speto. Coke cans feature the faces of four Brazilian youths, a sketch of hands sharing a football, and a chilled out sun. The same artwork and style is applied for all of Coca-Cola’s World Cup efforts, seen on their website. Coca- Cola hopes to spread the idea that the World Cup is the World’s Cup- that it belongs to everyone.


When fans raise their beer in celebration, Budweiser drinkers will look like they’re raising trophies. The “Rise as One” campaign introduced a golden, aluminum trophy bottle. The design features the logo on one side and the FIFA World Cup trophy on the other. Global Vice President Andrew Sneyd said, “With the ‘Rise As One’ campaign, Budweiser celebrates the world’s favorite game and its role in inspiring fans to celebrate the moments that unite us as a global community.” This bottle was introduced to more than forty countries, in addition to glass bottles, cans and secondary packaging available globally.

There are overlaps in design (McDonald’s and Coca-Cola’s street art approach) and concept (Coca-Cola’s World’s Cup and Budweiser’s Raise as One), but which packaging do you admire most? Have you bought any of these limited edition products?

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.