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Skin Care Packaging

Skin Care Packaging

As warmer weather creeps around the corner, it is time to take a fresh look at some of the more innovative skin care packaging out there. Everyone wants glowing skin for the summer months, but who says you can’t have both a pretty face and pretty skin care packaging!? This list illustrates some of the best designed skin care packaging, sure to brighten your day as we continue to soak in the springtime sunshine.


It is no secret that the earth’s minerals can do wonders for your skin. Minerals seeks to do amazing things for your skin while pleasing your eyes with its calming skin care packaging. The packaging is inspired by hundreds of different gemstones and colorful minerals, all blended together to create the soothing pastel palette of lavender, pink, turquoise, and crème. Likewise, the brand name is written in a descending pattern, to create the illusion that the brand name is like water, working its way down through rocks in nature.

Corinne Cosmetics

The idea behind Corinne Cosmetics is that the woman who uses them is modern, independent, social, and deep thinking. The goal of the company behind Corinne Cosmetics is to create handmade, natural skincare products inspired by nature and the essence of love and knowledge. The skin care packaging itself is exactly as its creators envisioned: modern, independent, and not afraid to be bold. The neutral palate of burlaps, grey, black, and white all come together to create unique patterns that give the neat packaging a pop.

Truly Organic

Truly Organic provides what it preaches – complete organic skin products that are safe for the environment and for your body. Not only is this product truly organic, but its skin care packaging is truly beautiful. Classic brown glass bottles are labeled with bursts of color featuring illustrated vines containing avocados, peaches, plums, and flowers. With two larger bottles for lotion and a smaller one for essential oils, you can improve the quality of skin while simultaneously improving the quality of your bathroom décor!

Gypsy Blue

The name alone – Gypsy Blue – is enough to entice us to take a look at this unique skin care packaging. With a deep blue glass bottle and a blue jay as its symbol, Gypsy Blue skin care packaging promises that you will find your inner and outer beauty with the help of their products. Gypsy Blue has four goals: rejuvenation, illumination, alleviation, and relaxation. The vibrant blue of their bottle combined with the calmer undertones of tans and purples on their labels easily convey those four objectives set by Gypsy Blue. Plus, the scents used come from flowers like the lilac bush and lavender plants.

These four outstanding skin care packaging examples represent the best that the packaging world has to offer. Not only are the lotions and oils made by these companies guaranteed to help with your skincare regimen, but your eyes and mind will feel calmer just from the sight of these tantalizing products.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.