Single Hand Bandage


Here’s an idea we are 100% on board with – the single hand bandage, now that’s just sheer brilliance! Okay, so you may have noticed that we are a tad on the accident prone side here at the office. But what’s not to love? Specially when addressing the need for a quick bandage if injuries occur on both hands.

Not only is the tape-like dispensing system unique for this product, but it also provides the visual stimuli to soothe a flustered soul after perhaps a traumatic paper-cut experience.

Applying a bandage using a single hand can be challenging, especially when both of your hands are injured. BANDiful tries to solve this problem by applying a special structure to avoid extra steps in unwrapping bandages. With bright patterns, bandages are no longer invisible but beautiful. Normally people use bandages only for small wounds, but by offering a convenient user experience, a consumer could also feel emotionally comforted as well.

Well put, Vivi Feng & Yu Ping Chuang.

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