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Royal Cargo Beer Packaging

Royal Cargo Beer Packaging

Royal Cargo Beer represents the next generation of beer packaging. An idea perpetuating from the intelligent, Finnish minds of the creative agency 358, Mikael Kivelä and Jenni Mallinen, this colorful beer packaging entices of-age consumers to purchase the beer and apple cider mix.


Royal Cargo Beer comes in two different yet traditional types of beer packaging: a can and a glass bottle. The can itself promises a beer-cider combo that consists of 4.2% alcohol and is advised to be kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. The bottle also contains the same delicious brew and comes in an 11.2 ounce size.   beer packaging

A unique feature of this beer packaging that sets it apart from any competitors is that instead of labeling itself as just a “beer” or “hard cider,” Royal Cargo has chosen to identify as a “beer mix.” Royal Cargo stresses on its packaging that it is not just an apple-infused beer, but a beer combined with the freshest of apple ciders.


This beer packaging takes creativity to a new level. From bright colors to clean-cut fonts, Royal Cargo has its image honed to the finest of levels.

The beer can is white with silver tiny polka dots and grey lettering. This creates a clean, fresh vibe that goes hand-in-hand with the invigorating beer packaging apple cider and beer mix that awaits the consumer on the inside of the can.

The bottle is a unique 11.2 ounce size with a solid black cap and similar white and silver labeling. The golden liquid enhances the beer packaging of the bottle by adding a warm tone to the crisp white and grey of the label. Both the bottle and the can add flair to the beer packaging with a red “Royal Cargo” stamp and a handwriting-esque font that states “Beer Mix.”

Likewise, the large 30 or 60 packs available for purchase feature a different color on each side of the rectangular box. Unlike other commercial beer boxes, Royal Cargo beer packaging aims to not only entice the consumer, but to also be an expression of art and color.

Ad Campaign

Not only does Royal Carbo have creative beer packaging, but enticing advertising campaigns as well. Contrasting primary colors such as bright purple and teal, or tangerine and magenta, catch the eye of passersby in an instant.

beer packaging Royal Cargo uses musically-infused phrases to promote the beer mix such as: “The Stereo Brew,” and “The Taste Mash Up,” which in the music industry refers to a blend of two or more songs into one. In this case, Royal Cargo is applying that phrase to the apple cider and beer mash up that one can grab from the fridge.

Currently, Royal Cargo beer is available at Hartwall Macro Brewery, which is located in Finland. Hartwall is a subsidiary of Royal Unibrew which is yet another Macro Brewery in Denmark. Royal Cargo beer extends its beer packaging initiative to social media as well, and you can track their progress and expansion using the hashtag #RoyalCargo. Tweet us and Royal Cargo with that hashtag to let us know your thoughts about this next level beer packaging.

Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.