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Romantic Jewelry Packaging

Romantic Jewelry Packaging

We hope your Valentine’s Day brought plenty of symbols of love, enclosed in equally beautiful packaging! From candies and chocolates, to some amazing jewlery, I am sure lots of love was gifted! We wanted to share some of our favorite jewelry packaging – from minimal to wild!

The delicacy of Verse’s wish jewelry inspires a similar minimalist approach in packaging too.


Field Guide Design doesn’t waste any creative space with abstract design, fun texture and interesting text.

field guide design


B.U. makes the meaning behind your gift more evident with their packaging with text description.


Edge of Ember’s practical but beautiful packaging keeps everything in order.

edge of ember

Dogeared also plays with the significance behind each piece to incorporate it with the packaging.

dogeared 2


Speaking of dogs, SilhoPETte jewelry will please dog and packaging lovers! It would hard to throw away this box.


Betsey Johnson’s loud taste doesn’t exclude her packaging concepts.

betsey johnson earringsbetsey johnson

Tory Burch’s signature color and bold patterns transforms into beautiful packages. However, her watch boxes only select one color to give an elegant display.

tory burchtory burch watch

Harry Winston’s classic jewelry style also applies to their packaging.

harry winston

Destin Jeweler’s forgoes the simplistic jewelry design with this patterned box.


Kate Spade provides her iconic blasts of color and life with shaped and gold-highlighted box designs. Within each mailed package, recipients will find delicate tissue paper, an inspirational cardboard card, and a soft pouch protecting the jewelry.

kate spade

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.