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Retro Packaging: Doritos Taco Flavor Chips

Retro Packaging: Doritos Taco Flavor Chips

To honor the relaunch of the original Doritos Taco Flavor chips, Frito-Lay relaunched them in the original 1960’s packaging

” Via Wikipedia: Numerous impromptu online support groups have sprung up over the years among devoted fans who miss the original Taco Doritos flavor formula. Reincarnations and relaunches of the Taco Doritos, … did not recreate the original Taco flavor. In late 2010 the Taco flavor recipe that was used in the 1980’s returned in a limited edition “retro” styled bag incorporating the original Doritos logo, and in early 2011 the company announced that this incarnation would remain in the permanent product line-up.”

Check it out below.

Doritos Tortilla Chips - Taco Flavor