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Reloaded: Beauty Packaging for Travel!

Reloaded: Beauty Packaging for Travel!

Reloaded is a packaging line created by students Duncan K. Anderson and Jenna Parkkinen of the Lahti Institute of Design in Finland. The design, which won the third place at the Recreate Packaging 2014 competition, represents the ideal travel packaging using renewable fibre-based materials from Stora Enso.

When you travel, you want to take as much as possible with you in the most minimalistic packaging possible. That’s what Reloaded is based on. Thanks to the system where you can squeeze the most out of the “box”, the packaging is being optimally used.




The students created the packaging for 3 products: hand sanitizer, toothpaste and moisturizer. Each product has another color: the hand sanitizer comes in a cyan-colored packaging, the moisturizer in a purple one and the moisturizer in a pink one.

What do you think of the packaging? Would it be useful to take on vacation?