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Puebla 109: Mexican Restaurant Branding and Packaging

Puebla 109: Mexican Restaurant Branding and Packaging

If you’re in Mexico and you’re looking for a venue where “art, design and gastronomy converges”, then Puebla 109 is the perfect place. This three-floor townhouse, dating from the 20th century, is a new gastronomic restaurant in Roma (Mexico) and is inspired by the ancient Mexican stamps and postal history to create its brand identity and packaging.

Each different symbol used on Puebla’s products has an unique character. Although, when you look at all the symbols used in their assortment, the symbols share an equal hierarchy.

There are many symbols being used and many of them have a hand drawn typography, which gives the packaging a very personal and authentic touch. “Less is more”, is the motto we can link to Puebla 109’s brand identity and packaging, which in our opinion has worked very well!









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