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Positive artistic Polaroids

Positive artistic Polaroids

Designed for the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage in order to commemorate the art work that was taken from Poland during World War II. Positive was designed to promote knowledge of the recuperation process.

Positive takes form in cards that are similar to Polaroids, with a negative side which has to be removed in order for the positive image to be revealed.

The idea was inspired by the concept of absence, loss and recovery. The original goal is to both educate and inform about the lost art and invite the public to be involved in this interactive searching process. Using the Positive to uncover the hidden image and bring it back to life.

The collection is divided into 4 sets of images to unveil: Polish Painting, Foreign Painting, Engraving and Sculpture. Produced in two language versions: Polish and English. Telling the stories about the lost art.

Via Behance

Art direction, Concept, Graphic design: Zupagrafika
Collaboration: Maciej Frąckowiak
Publisher: Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and Adam Mickiewicz Institute.