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Popsicle Packaging

Popsicle Packaging

Let your dessert match the weather as the cold winter begins to set in. The following popsicle packaging and design ideas are colorful, creative, and innovative… a far cry from the standard grocery store packaging you so frequently see. Take a look at these bright ideas to cure the brain freeze that Mother Nature – not popsicles – has surely induced thanks to this bout of chilly weather.


Splitz popsicles bring flavor to a whole new level with their trendy popsicle ideas
and popsicle packaging. Originating from the idea that popsicles should not have to just be one flavor, Splitz popsicles feature a two color, fruit flavored treat separated by a diagonal flavor line. The box that the popsicle comes in speaks volumes of the tasty creativity that awaits. Packaged individually in cardboard, recyclable boxes, the outer color of the box and its slightly darker polka dots represents the color of one of the fruit flavors of the popsicle itself while the inner color of the box is the same shade as the second flavor of the popsicle.


Described as “the most delicious popsicle in the world,” and its popsicle packaging as “out of this world,” Nuna is here to change the rules. Developed entirely on a recyclable and ecologically harvested bamboo stick, Nuna is heralded for its fruity flavors and unique texture. Featured at shows like the Museum of Modern Art’s food show and in design catalogs in Berlin, Nuna continues to expand its brand by creating adding to its popsicle packaging with brightly colored Nuna shirts and reusable bags. Currently, Nuna is looking to grow its company and become recognized on the global design stage.


Amoratto seeks to use its popsicle packaging to remind the consumer of the simple joys in life, like childhood love. The creative and multi-faceted wrapper tells a story when it is completely opened. A black-and-white picture of a young boy and girl features the girl feeding a bright
red popsicle to the boy when the wrapper is opened in its entirety. The bottom half of the wrapper is perforated, so that the consumer can pull it down and use it to catch the drippings from the popsicle.

popsicle packaging


Sao, which features popsicles of delectable flavors such as passionfruit and pear, takes a more minimalist approach. The natural wood stick
supports a bright and cheerfully colored popsicle. The popsicle packaging is a clear, wax paper cover that wraps around the popsicle and is secured with a Sao sticker. The Sao bag features a bright red popsicle on a red background, with the sides of the bag polka dotted with colorful popsicles.

Do you have a favorite style of popsicle packaging? What do you think of these designs? We would love to hear from you either in the comments or by tweeting us @pkging_insider !



Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.