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Popsicle Packaging : Make It Pop!

Popsicle Packaging : Make It Pop!

Farm Design, a creative studio from California, with thanks to Clear Image Printing and Sweet Clementines Popsicles, put together a fun popsicle packaging design. It’s a fun promo piece that would be a hit at any meeting!


We created a fun and delicious promotional piece to keep our clients cool during the scorching California heat. We were trying to think of something that our clients would eat up that uniquely captures the essence of the summer season. The result was a fresh, fun promo item featuring locally produced popsicles. The overall promo concept is simple; let the popsicles be the star. A cohesive system was created using a white foam cooler, the signature “Farm Design Blue,” bold modern graphics, cheeky copy and sophisticated printing techniques.

We are a huge fan of the minimal design, consisting of a simple foam cooler filled with pops of color. The sleeves don’t provide for melting issues, but the foam cooler keeps everything under wraps. This is a fun idea that could even be used commercially for parties and events, if the popsicles had a contained plastic wrapping!

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