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Will Plain Packaging Help End Obesity?

Will Plain Packaging Help End Obesity?

Lawmakers in the UK have already banned cigarette companies from using distinctive packaging in an effort to discourage people from smoking. The ban could extend further to alcohol and fatty foods. Click through to find out more about this packaging controversy.

Of course, as a packaging website we believe that the functionality and look of a brand’s packaging is a big factor in purchasing decision. And the government in the UK agreed when it decided to ban branded packaging for cigarettes in an effort to curb smoking.

One think tank disagrees; a research report entitled ‘Plain packaging: Commercial expression, anti-smoking extremism and the risks of hyper-regulation’ claims that the new law has done nothing to reduce smoking rates. Australia passed a similar law for cigarettes in 2011 and is also considering extending the ban to junk food.

Do you think these laws are fair? And would a food or beverage wrapped in generic labels make you less likely to make a purchase?