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Pick Your Packaging Poison

Pick Your Packaging Poison

Sometimes it’s not the name of a product a consumer remembers, but the packaging. Whether describing the product to a friend or searching for iconic clues on store shelves, packaging is more than the container. An investment in designing a signature shape, texture and color help brand identification.




The round shaped eos (Evolution of Smooth) lip balm product stands out against tubed competition. The shape also gives users a different feel and make the product not only practical, but also stylish.



The voluptuous bottle with a mature bottle top, skinny neck and round bottom attracts thirsty consumers. Mirroring the texture of an orange also adds a refreshing promise from the French softdrink.




When hot sauces are lined up at Mexican restaurants or stack among condiments in a refrigerator, the Cholula’s  wooden knob associates to a more artisan product (compared to plastic caps) and help identify different flavors.


Mini Babybel

Peeling the wax off of a cheese bite creates an original  ritual for snackers. Packaged separately but sold in a net, the presentation would seem odd if we did not grow up with the experience.  Of course it is not advised to eat the wax, but if an accident occurs consumption of the wax should not be harmful to kids or pets.




Tiffany and Co.

Of course the robin-egg blue boxes, promotional materials and overall color scheme of this jewelry brands comes to mind as the ideal example of the power of color. The trademarked color excites consumers before even revealing the jewlery piece.



You won’t find white apples in an orchard, but you can’t escape the white Apple products and store layout. Even when products are offered in other colors, the white presentations promise futuristic gadgets from the tech brand.

What other brands do you think of when it comes to memorable shape, texture or color?

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.