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PET Material Transforms to Crystal

PET Material Transforms to Crystal

Bulgarian bottled water company Devin introduced a redesigned product with the 2014 Crystal Line for mineral, carbonated and spring water. Devin partnered with P.E.T. Engineering to produce a design that appeals to the hotel, restaurant, cafe industries while honoring the environment.

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The Italian design gives the bottle a luxurious look despite the low-cost medium. The bottle not only resembles crystal in its geometric shape, but also produces a refraction effect to shine like a crystal in light. This feature entrances admirers near and far as the material’s transparency showcases the water’s clarity.

In comparison to the glass bottle, the PET material reduces the carbon footprint by 30%. The material’s endurance, affordability and lightness makes for valuable utilitarian purposes. However, it is commonly used for bulk packaging with little aesthetic intentions. Nevertheless, with the decorative execution, the Crystal Line successfully manages the material for artistic, economical, environmental benefits.

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Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.