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Perfect Real-World Packaging: Absolut Vodka


By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

Though all of the packages we discuss here are amazing, most are only proposals. And proposals aren’t bound by the restraints and realities of the real-world like cost, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Thus we decided to take a break from fantasy to discuss an awesome package that we’ve been able to see with our very own eyes.

Absolut, besides being known for their delectable alcohol(no) they have also become famous for their unique and desirable packaging. The shape of the Absolut bottle is a nice one. It manages to be distinct without being overly complicated or gaudy. Additionally the modern straight shape and matte lid are ascetically pleasing.

Of course, where Absolut really shines is with their special edition packages. Most notable is their Absolut Cities, in which they named flavors after world cities/places, such as Miami, Brooklyn, Mexico, New Orleans, Etc. Most of these bottles were designed by local or relevant artists to best capture the vibe of the area. The bottles are true works of art and of course immediately peak the interest of patriotic the various land/area dwellers. For example…me…I obviously had to buy Absolut Brooklyn.


perfect-real-world-packaging-design-absolut-vodka-Brooklyn perfect-real-world-packaging-design-absolut-vodka-Brooklyn perfect-real-world-packaging-design-absolut-vodka-100 perfect-real-world-packaging-design-absolut-vodka-Miami perfect-real-world-packaging-design-absolut-vodka-Mexico



Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.