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The Pentawards 2016 Packaging Design Award Winners

The Pentawards 2016 Packaging Design Award Winners

Now celebrating its 10th year, the Pentawards has as its mission the global promotion of packaging design. Brigitte Evrard, Pentawards co-founder, has stated that: “Packaging design is a very demanding and difficult discipline, as it is subject to the laws of a market more and more focused on cost reduction and short-term profitability. Packaging designers must often do a lot with a little. The goal of the Pentawards is to reward designs originating from all markets, from mass-market to luxury.”

To facilitate this, the awards are structured in five broad sectors—Food, Beverages, Body, Other Markets and Luxury—that group together 50 categories. The ninth edition of the Pentawards received 1,843 entries from five continents and 54 countries. An international jury composed of 12 professionals from packaging design and marketing, as well as the Pentawards chairman, bestowed the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Pentawards. The Diamond Pentaward winner will receive, in addition to a trophy, a year of the Esko Suite 14 packaging design software, worth €5,000. Taschen will publish the fourth edition of The Package Design Book, this time containing all the winners from 2015 and 2016.

London-based agency Jones Knowles Ritchie took home the Diamond Pentaward, 2016 Best of the Show, for its design of new boxes for Domino’s Pizza. Below you’ll find it and our selection of winners. Submissions for the 11th Pentawards will be open from February 20 to April 7, 2017. More information and galleries of winners from this and previous years are available on the Pentawards site.

DIAMOND PENTAWARD 2016 and ESKO PRIZE – BEST OF THE SHOW | Entrant: Jones Knowles Ritchie | Brand: Domino’s Pizza

Over the years, Domino’s pizza packaging had become overloaded with generic information which had lost impact with consumers, while the brand mark had become relegated to a small endorsement. Redesigning its delivery boxes in the UK would enable it to become the definitive article again, and this meant taking a bold and simple approach to replace the clutter on the boxes and focus instead only on the brand’s distinctive two-color logo. Since 96% of all Domino’s pizzas are sold in pairs, the brand’s pizza combo deal was used as the basis for the new design, with one red box and one blue. The result? An open invitation for sharing and fun, as if to say “don’t order a pizza, order Domino’s.”

PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2016 – BEST OF THE BEVERAGES CATEGORY | Entrant: Bullet | Brand: Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery – Imayotsukasa


PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2016 – BEST OF THE BODY CATEGORY | Entrant: Mousegraphics | Brand: Bic – Socks

PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2016 – BEST OF THE OTHER MARKETS CATEGORY | Entrant: The Partners | Brand: Argos – Simple Value

PLATINUM PENTAWARD 2016 – BEST OF THE LUXURY CATEGORY | Entrant: Coley Porter Bell | Brand: Chivas Regal – The Icon

GOLD PENTAWARD 2016 – FOOD | Entrant: Squad Ink | Brand: The Grounds – Granola

GOLD PENTAWARD 2016 – CONCEPT | Entrant: Anthem | Brand: Eternal Oceans

GOLD PENTAWARD 2016 – BODY | Entrant: Enprani | Brand: Holika Holika – Aloe

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