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“The Paper Skin”: Minimal and Sleek Technology Packaging

“The Paper Skin”: Minimal and Sleek Technology Packaging

When a company admits their product is boring, you know it’s bad… unless they have creative minds at work. You’ve probably seen sample paper books, at a Kinko’s or a local shop, all of which follow a similar, straightforward format. But Fedrigoni showcased their packaging paper products in a new format and partnership.

Fedrigoni worked with German camera brand Leica to present Leica X2 Fedrigoni Edition. Folded and protected by the Fedrigoni paper, the camera awaits to be unwrapped while presenting paper samples. But that’s not all.

opening pic

The Constellation Jade paper replaced the black leather finish, thus the “second skin becomes one” messaging.


“It becomes an integral part of a premium product.”

The second skin emphasizes the packaging paper’s ability to “survive heavy abrasion, withstand extreme temperatures and resist aggressive liquids.” By incorporating the paper in the camera design, the Fedrigoni brand showcases its paper quality and abilities.


From -40 to +70 °C


Resistant to liquid including aceton, alcohol, sweat

Resistant to liquid including acetone, alcohol and sweat.


Both brands prioritize quality and an attention to detail. Therefore, their brand values deliver a minimal but powerful technology packaging concept.



Sample paper booklets are free promotional materials. Yet the Cannes Lions Bronze Winner case study video ends with the Fedrigoni Commercial Director boasting a price of €2,900 (about $3,127).

paper book

We applaud the brands’ ability to interest photography and design enthusiasts in this unique campaign. After all, both audiences appreciate artistic value and creativity. So, what are your thoughts on the limited edition offering?

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.