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Packaging Trends We Will See This Year

Packaging Trends We Will See This Year

I am a sucker for packaging. When the packaging of goods appeals to me, it’s pretty much already sold. And I bet I’m not the only one. Packaging plays a big role in selling your products and it’s part of your brand identity, which eventually creates brand awareness and sales. So, it’s strategically clever to keep up with this year’s packaging trends to thrive even more!

Here are this year’s three most important trends:


Functionality and Sustainability

Going green has is more and more become a standard in all kinds of categories, especially in packaging. Think of recyclable materials and reusable packagings.



Incorporate Digital

We have seen digital technology being incorporated in packaging more and more over time. QR codes ( and online purchasing!) are probably the best examples. Getting extra information or having contests through such codes are great incentives to create customer engagement!




Holographics are easy way to make your packaging more attractive. But be sure to use those that are not harmful for the environment, so without metals and vacuum-coated materials.


Emily Van Torre
I love packaging designs. So why not share it with you?