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5 Beverage Packaging Trends for Millennials

5 Beverage Packaging Trends for Millennials

The Millennial generation includes anyone born after 1981, and they are one of the most dedicated groups of consumers–if your marketing and product offerings are to their liking. Click through for # packaging trends that appeal to millennials:

1. Choice is important: offer different sizes, beverage types and packaging solutions.

2. Mobility: millennials like their food and beverages like their phones–convenient, easily portable and situation-specific.

3. Sustainability: this generation cares about the planet, so excess packaging or hard-to-recycle materials are not appealing.

4. Looks Matter: the internet has made millennials more design-aware than any other generation, so the packaging has to be just as appealing as what’s inside. “Retro” designs also appeal.

5. So Does Price: these consumers might expect more from their packaging than any other generation, but they don’t want to pay an huge price for it at the register. Technology is more important than ever in allowing manufacturers to get the most out of their packaging.

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