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Packaging Trends for Women

Packaging Trends for Women

The percentage of women earning over $100K annually has doubled in the past decade, so appealing to this consumer base is important for packaging designers. Click through to see three trends in packaging for women.

Crossover Appeal

Women aren’t limited to one price point when they shop. They experience a range of brands at a range of price points, from Whole Foods to Target to Walmart. This means that discount brands can no longer get away with dull, unappealing packaging and luxury brands need to rethink how much value they’re really offering. The internet has also brought every product in the known universe to this shopper’s fingertips, so she is more educated than ever.

Different Packaging for Different Goals

Women shop for themselves, but they also shop for their families, friends and significant others. Consider who the target audience is for your product. Even if the first answer isn’t “women” it would be foolish to miss out on these potential gatekeepers. That doesn’t have to mean a packaging overhaul, but it does mean that your product should look up-to-date and stand out on the shelf.

Visual Intuition

If you think there are too many words on your packaging, you’re probably right. Visual symbols such as colors and shapes are how female consumers tend to identify a product before becoming loyal to the brand. The shape and function of the packaging should also be intuitive towards its end use.