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Packaging Trend: The Fine Line Between Food & Health/Beauty

Packaging Trend: The Fine Line Between Food & Health/Beauty

The emergence of antioxidant-enriched foods and other enhanced food products has caused the US consumer to blur the lines between traditional food and beverage products and health and beauty products. Click through to find out what this means for packaging designers and manufacturers.

The mainstreaming of nutritional supplements has made the US consumer more receptive and even enthusiastic about “enriched” foods with added antioxidants,  fiber and other nutrients. There are several other trends that have contributed to the growing popularity of these kinds of products:

  • Extended life expectancies and the aging boomer population
  • The rising cost of traditional healthcare
  • Perceived need for “an edge” in an increasingly competitive job market.
  • Consumers seeking multitasking products in a time-strapped society

What does this mean for packaging designers?

  • Packaging with a more supplement/medical/scientific theme
  • Finding clear and attractive ways to convey a product’s added benefits via packaging
  • Ensuring claims made on packaging are within FDA regulations