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Packaging Trend 2013: Water Boxes NOT Bottles


By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

It seems the packaging industry is unanimous about the benefits of changing water bottles into water boxes. “Boxed Water is Better” is a company from Michigan that has created a box-water brand. The company set out to create a more sustainable water bottle and came to find that water should not be bottled it should be boxed. Boxed Water is Better’s website lists the various environmental benefits of box water.

A company in the UK has done something similar. The Creative Bloq summarizes their initiative:

“Environmental concerns mean that packaging design is increasingly moving away from plastic – and there can be no better illustration of this trend than Vivid Water’s ‘Water in a Box’ range. Launched this week, it’s the UK’s first Tetra Pak carton-packaged water product. And while this means you can’t see the water itself, the beautiful branding more than makes up for it.”

Another Europe-based company called Aquapax sells natural mineral water in paper cartons. They explain in their mission that they aim to “To satisfy people’s needs for environmentally aware, unpretentious, truly pure, portable water.”

Though, the UK versions are certainly more colorful it seems that the Boxed Water is Better version would be more sustainable given the smaller plastic lid and the use of 1 ink color. I wonder when and if we will be seeing these boxes in stores.


packaging-trend-2013-water-boxes-not-bottles packaging-trend-2013-water-boxes-not-bottles

Boxed Water not Bottled


Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.