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Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Packaging Tips for Independent Sellers

Are you an independent seller? If the answer’s yes, we know there so many things for you to manage to be successful. However, this is not easy to do; you need tips to help guide you, especially if you’re working alone. One of the most crucial things often overlooked by independent operators is packaging. In order to help, we’ve compiled some hot packaging tips, bound to lead to increased customer numbers and satisfaction.

article1 Wrap items safely

Wrap items safely

Whatever your product, you have to make sure that it‘s wrapped safely – paramount to delivering a quality product is the customer receiving it undamaged. So the purpose of wrapping is to safely protect the product.

Personally, if I was the customer receiving a product with damage cause of bad packaging, I’d be furious. This is sure to create a negative impression of your business and since word of mouth and social media are such powerful tools for these days, people are bound to hear about your bad packaging. This kind of reputation is not only embarrassing, but may lead to a loss of existing and potential customers. We can’t stress the importance of safe and secure wrapping enough; it’s such a crucial aspect of improving your packaging and delivery.

Use attractive packaging

The next packaging tip is using attractive packaging materials and techniques. Generally speaking, if you have attractive packaging, its sure to lead to your customers being more excited with what they’ve ordered. Pleasantly designed packaging ensures they’re satisfied from the first interaction with the product, and sets the experience off on a good note. This is clearly a really good move on your part.

However, making your packaging attractive is much easier said than done. It’s important to invest in research and initial design to ensure you achieve your goals. If you’re set on achieving good packaging, you effort and difficulty won’t be so noticeable – instead you‘ll find it enjoying rather than challenging.   

artice2 Use brand-friendly packaging

Use brand-friendly packaging

Next is utilizing brand-friendly packaging. Aside from having attractive or creative packaging, you need to make it brand-friendly or environmentally friendly so that you are not just helping your customers but also mother earth.  The increasing trend of environmentally friendly packaging is here to stay.  Customers expect high quality products to consider sustainability, and they’re willing to pay for that peace of mind.

Include extras (coupons, written note, and business card)

Including little extras and nice touches creates a more holistic experience for the customers. If you just focus on your product alone, your customers might migrate to other companies with better service or little extras, like coupons, written notes and business cards. So it’s particularly important to have these types of extras if your competitors in the same industry do – you need to integrate it with your product or service so that you won’t be left behind.

The packaging tips given above will be highly beneficial to you as an independent seller. They are guaranteed to lead to improved customer satisfaction and increased repeat and new business Make use of these tips to ensure you’re business is fresh, talked about and most importantly, successful.

Michael Starks
Observing how companies, students and agencies package, design and brand!