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Packaging Makeover for Hubbards Original Cereal Packaging

Packaging Makeover for Hubbards Original Cereal Packaging

Hubbards was started in New Zealand in 1990 with two types of muesli cereals. They became very popular in New Zealand, making them one of the top three largest cereal producers in the country. Their products continued to expand and they eventually had a whole range of breakfast cereals.

The issue Hubbards was then faced with was that each cereal had developed its own identity and there was no solid brand identity as a whole. This is why the brand image and packaging needed to be redesigned in order to give the brand a sense of solidarity.

The solution was found in 1950’s inspired advertising. The use of classic typography and a pastel color palette in order to tie in the family of cereals.

Keeping the packaging low key and classically beautiful across the board has its sense of appeal. Less is definitely more in this case and the simple designs are a great way of relaunching a popular brand.

Do you enjoy the new packaging? Or do you prefer the old one? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mary

    Old packaging made the cereal seem more organic and healthy – the new package seems to cater to children, whimiscal and makes me think “sugary” not hearty or substantial. I liked being able to see the cereal through the box. Absolutely love the cereal wish you sold it in the States, tried to have it sent, but shipping extremely costly. Would purchase again in spite of the box change, but might not have as a first time buyer, not knowing the high quality of the cereal first.