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Packaging Gets Political

Packaging Gets Political

With the Democratic and Republican National Conventions behind us and the November elections right around the corner, political products and packaging are creeping into the stores you know and love. Here are three examples to look for…

Smear Campaign

poop bags

Found at a local pet store.


MetroPaws‘ Smear Campaign Repooplican and Democrap bags are the limited edition version of the company’s eco friendly dog bags. Each bag has the face of either Hillary or The Donald printed on it (depending on who you would rather use to pick up your dog’s … well you know).

This isn’t the first time the company has released politically-charged packaging around the election, though. Four years ago, the company released Obama/Romney versions of the bags.

‘Defiantly Opinionated’ Chocolates

political chocolate


Even chocolate lovers can get in on the fun. D.C. chocolate makers Harper Macaw have designed six illustrated packages for six varieties of chocolate that mirror the political leanings of the wrapper. Examples include The Flip-Flopper, which “is both salty and sweet, for those who can’t make up their minds;” or the the Tea Party variety which is, “Infused with English tea … [and] is wrapped in images of a historical whaling ship, flying sharks and tea chests afloat in a stripy red and white sea” as described by Dezeen MagazineAccording to Dezeen, the campaign slogan is “Match your politics to your chocolate with six defiantly opinionated designs.”

Design Army was the creative agency that designed the packages, which were created to cool down the heated political atmosphere.

“I wanted to do something for D.C. politics to make it a little less ‘bitter’,” Pum Lefebure, Design Army’s co-founder and chief creative officer, told Dezeen.

Making a Mark on the Presidential Race



Although this one isn’t exactly for retail, it’s intriguing nonetheless. For the past several conventions, according to Reuters, Maker’s Mark has been present at both the DNC and the RNC with limited edition labels. The company released themed commemorative bottles that were given to the Convention Committees before the DNC in Philadelphia and the RNC in Cleveland.

packagePRINTING has reached out to a representative at Maker’s Mark to find out how many were printed and why the company has chosen to create the specialty labels for several election years — possibly a partnership?

Those lucky enough to snag a bottle may be able to sell it for some serious cash, as Reuters pointed out happened with a 2012 RNC bottle.

Whether you’re a political junkie or you want to stay far away from the November showdown, you can choose (or not choose) to bring home some of the fun.

Joel Frank
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