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Packaging Design Trends 2013: Durex Rebrand

Packaging Design Trends Durex Rebrand

Durex recently redesigned their condom packages. The redesign follows a number of packaging design trends. The redesign was done by Design Bridge of London. The Die Line quotes the studio’s commentary:

“As the world leader in contraception, Durex wanted to change the perceptions around their brand from being simply about protection and prevention and move to the much more emotionally engaging area of ‘sexual wellbeing’. Behaving more like a personal care brand, with clear offers and benefits that are simply and engagingly communicated to the customer. We captured the moment of connection, that magical spark between two people. This connection flows across the full range of products, whose ease of navigation is supported though the bold use of colour and naming that is clear, direct and benefit lead. Durex now has a shelf presence that talks in a confident and informative voice, adding an emotional maturity to a category that everyone can shop with ease.”

Durex’s logo and branding was never too iconic. When you think of Durex you don’t associate it with any sort of color, font, etc, so Durex could have definitely gone with a complete brand overhaul. Though Durex could have gone for a completely new look without jeopardizing much, they decided to keep things simple. Rather than an overhaul they went for a simple design face-lift. The basics of the packaging remained the same while the details changed.

The basics that remained the same are the box shape and material, as well as the blue logo and the illuminating/gradient background elements. To update the brand the typeface was modernized and the logo was changed from a square shape to a pill one. Vibrant colors were added and the whole design seems to be smoothed out. Well done.
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By G+ Author: Chris Warren.

Chris Warren
Writer for The Packaging Insider! Interested in eco-friendly packaging and unique designs for products.