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Origami Packaging for French Soap

Origami Packaging for Soap

The adorable origami packaging you see above and below was designed by graphic design firm Studio Plastac of Paris for soap brand La Compagnie de Provence Soap. Like we mentioned in a previous post we love origami packaging because of its eco-friendliness. Origami packaging often calls for less material, as well as no adhesives or staples. Here, of course, a sticker is used to secure the soap, however we still believe the packaging is far more eco-friendly than your average Dove soap packaging.

The type, and logo are simple, while the bright colors give the soap the POP it needs on shelves.  The white border around the edge of the cube, give the packaging a refined neatness, that soap packaging should have.

The best part of this packaging is that each package comes with instructions to turn the soap wrapper into an origami creation (check out the neat gif below!)  You can purchase these soaps here.

Origami Soap Packaging origami soap packaging 2 origami soap packaging 3 Origami Packaging for Soap

Origami Packaging for Soap




By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

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