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Origami in Packaging

Origami in Packaging

Some packaging ideas/designs are as creative and innovative as they can be. This one involving Origami strikes as both! As a bag of tea that transforms into something beautiful as it is steeped, we’d say this just about breaks the mold.

By striving for something more out of a product that has already been defined with purpose to be, rather plain yet functional; this concept turns the conventional bag of tea into a visual treat that not only contributes to one’s imagination, purification, while evoking serenity and the healing properties of it’s herbs. All the great things we seek tea out for.

Traditionally, Origami was an art form originating in Japan. Although, we are extremely glad it is slowly fining it’s way into our tea bags.

Packaging concept. Tea bags created by the principles of origami. While the tea infuses the bird or the shape is gradually expanding. NataliaPonomareva, Concept Creator

Another great use of Origami in the market place is by designer Zoltán Nagyapáti who has created this “Eggigami” egg holder concept consisting of the use of a single piece of paper (or kami, as it is traditionally known in Japan).

By definition, Origami involves the creative use of a sheet of paper (normally square) without any tools, glue or cuts. Just folding.

Pretty neat stuff.