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Exciting Opportunity: Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

1 Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

Stora Enso has announced their Recreate Packaging Contest for 2014. The contest is to “Recreate Travel Packaging.” Earlier we had written about 2012’s fabulous winner under the title Packaging Trendsetting, One Eighty Cream for Men. The contest provides students and professionals with the perfect opportunity to showcase their forward thinking and to dive into the issues of todays packaging industry, not to mention pretty hefty 1st 2nd and 3rd cash-money prizes. The deadline for entries is January 31st 2014. Stora Enso further explains the motivation behind their contest (see the full press release by clicking the link below):

The Recreate Packaging 2014 competition is focused on travel. Increasing numbers of consumers today are constantly on the move and travel all around the world. However, this is hardly visible in current packaging solutions, which pay very little attention to sustainability, portability, lightness and convenience of packaging. Stora Enso believes that fibre-based renewable materials hold a great potential to exhibit these qualities and even to replace plastics, aluminium and glass to create attractive yet sustainable packaging solutions that serve travellers’ needs.

Full Press Release 
Contest Details

The contests’ website can be found at or specifically under the design challenge tab at In addition, you can get in touch at or their Facebook Page. 

Recreate Travel Packaging Design Contest

Source of images: Stora Enso

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

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