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NuVal: A New Way to Label Food

NuVal: A New Way to Label Food

What if all of the nutritional information on a food product could be combined into a single score? That is the concept behind NuVal, a system designed to de-mystify nutritional information labels that confuse many shoppers. Click through to see how the system works.

What is NuVal?

NuVal is a system for ranking the nutritional value of food on a scale of 1-100. The higher the number, the more nutritional the product is. The system was created by an independent panel of nutritionists, doctors and scientists so the rankings are unbiased.

What do the numbers mean?

nuval nutrition labeling

The number score is derived by dividing a food’s total healthy qualities by its unhealthy qualities (see image). The exact numbers are determined by an algorithm that weights each different nutrient–more than 30 in all.

Where are the labels placed?

Instead of dealing with the bureaucratic red tape involved in labeling food products themselves, NuVal has partnered with a number of supermarket chains to display the scores next to the price tickets on shelves. For a list of participating supermarkets, click here.

Why is NuVal better than existing nutrition labels?

The amount of information presented on standard nutrition labels can be overwhelming. Also, many consumers don’t realize that the information applies to one serving of the product, while the entire container could contain multiple servings. NuVal can help consumers compare to similar products–like two brands of cereal–that list different serving sizes.