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New Packaging for Weight Watchers UK

New Packaging for Weight Watchers UK

Weight Watchers brand food products have been given a packaging makeover in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Why did the company decide to revamp its packaging, and will it result in increase sales? Find out after the cut.

The new packaging direction was formed by a consumer research study that showed 2 in 10 shoppers were ignoring the product in store. Design firm Blue Marlin was hired to create a packaging concept that stood out on shelves and caught consumers’ attention.

Weight Watchers also wanted to shift perception of its brand from weight loss to a lifestyle choice. Before the revamp there was inconsistency in design across product categories. The redesign keeps the signature blue of the brand while freshening up the food photography, typefaces and product copy.

Old packaging is on the left, new packaging on the right.

What do you think of the new Weight Watchers packaging? Does it stand out more than the original?