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Nestlé’s Inclusive Packaging Design Philosophy

Nestlé’s Inclusive Packaging Design Philosophy

Nestlé is redesigning the packaging for Nescafé Gold, ready-to-drink Boost and other products with a new “Inclusive Design” philosophy in  mind. Click through to find out how Nestlé is making their products easier to use.

Nestlé’ s Inclusive Design philosophy is the company’s effort to ensure their products meet the needs of as many people as possible. Their packaging designers now put the consumer at the center of the design process.

In one example, designers used a special pair of gloves developed to mimic the affects of arthritis for the wearer. Designers used the gloves while opening five of the company’s most popular products to better understand how consumers with arthritis experienced the products.

The Nestcafé Gold packaging was redesigned after this experiment. The container was made easier to hold and the cap was replaced with one that had a ‘click and lock’ closure. The Boost nutrition drink–which is targeted at older consumers–received similar modifications that made the packaging easier to open and handle.