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Monster’s Choice Whisky rebranding

Monster’s Choice Whisky rebranding

PROJECT: Monsters Choice Whisky Design

DESIGNER: madeline roguschka

INSTRUCTOR: christine george

» The objective of this assignment was to take an existing liquor brand and re-design the packaging and accompanying collateral. Madeline Roguschka, student designer, chose a very old Scottish whisky that is bottled and distilled by Gordon & MacPhail.


Original Design

This is the original Monsters Choice packaging.
» The existing brand features a cartoon drawing of a lockness monster in a round tall green bottle. Roguschka chose to change the bottle shape to a rectangular one which makes it easier to grab and remove the cork stopper vs. the lower end screw cap. She also wanted to keep the bottle clear in order to show off the rich color of the scotch.


Rebrand by Madeline Roguschka

» The logo evolved into a beautiful lockup which displays a gothic typeface called Blackmoor, which keeps the old antiquity of the brand. Roguschka also included some modern sans serif fonts like justus, Covington, and Klavik to bring the logo into the 21st century.

» This project contains 3 size variations of bottles, 6 glasses, 8 coasters,  3 cigars, 4 match boxes, and a special edition chest that houses one of the large bottles.


By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
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