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Modern Makeup Packaging Reminds us its 2013


By Elizabeth Sanchez.

Here is an awesomely designed makeup line by Dafna Aizenberg of Israel.

Makeup packaging already comes in so many shapes and sizes, not to mention, colors, styles, and materials. Sephora could double as a design museum, because once you have been you’ve seen an overflow of varied and top-notch design and packaging. This notion makes Aizenberg’s design all the more impressive.

Her designs are original, I do not think I’ve seen anything really like it. The materials are used very well, the gold moisturizing package looks very luxurious like its a block of pure gold. The black wrapping used on the foundation and eyeliner is also very unique. It reminds me of space rocks or lava or something of that sort! At the same time it all tends to remind me of candy(little chocolates etc.) which is obviously a good thing! Aizenberg describes what prompted her to make such tantalizing packages;

The assignment was to design a brand that draws inspiration from the following concepts: Urbanity, Pedro Almodovar’s creations, fashion and a paint shop.The result is a prestige cosmetic company named “Hybris”, that glorifies pride as a sin and invites the clientele to crave its products.The image interacts with the world of little sins through both the branding of the products as well as their packaging as forbidden, desirable candy.

Makeup_Packaging_Trends_2013 Hybris_Packaging_Makeup_Trend Packaging_Trends_Makeup_Eyeliner_2013 Gold_Candy_Makeup_Packaging Cool_Makeup_Packaging_2013 Makeup_Packaging_Hybris Crave_Candy_Makeup_Packaging Cosmetic_Makeup_Packaging

Elizabeth Sanchez
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