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Minimalistic Packaging Design

M&Ms minimalistic redesign

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Is a name enough to  persuade a buyer? For most international brands, it  could be. Many established brands could benefit from a minimalistic packaging design in a maximalist market.

Though these redesign examples by Mehmet Gozetlik were meant as just that, we think some brands have a name that command action amongst consumers.

Which ones do you think can withstand de-clutter? 

Nutella Minimalistic Packaging

Toffifee minimalistic packaging redesign

Corn Flakes Minimalistic Packaging

nesquik minimalistic packaging

“Why do we assume that simple is good? Because with physical products, we have to feel we can dominate them. As you bring order to complexity, you find a way to make the product defer to you. Simplicity isn’t just a visual style. It’s not just minimalism or the absence of clutter. It involves digging through the depth of the complexity. To be truly simple, you have to go really deep. For example, to have no screws on something, you can end up having a product that is so convoluted and so complex. The better way is to go deeper with the simplicity, to understand everything about it and how it’s manufactured. You have to deeply understand the essence of a product in order to be able to get rid of the parts that are not essential.” 

– Jonathan Ive, from the book, Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson on WHY SIMPLE IS GOOD.

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    wow really interesting, difference between graphic and packaging design