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Minimalist Packaging from 2015

Minimalist Packaging from 2015

The minimalist packaging look appeals to many brands. It’s a selective creativity, using limited design elements to make an impact. While white space plays an important role in minimalist packaging, brands can still exercise their voice through typeface and color. However, minimalist packaging lends itself particularly well to products that market themselves as pure and natural. Therefore, a pattern of beverage packaging and beauty packaging is not surprising. Here are a look at different minimalist packaging designs from 2015:


Tea Packaging

TeaStories serves as a traditional example of minimalism. The dominance of white space and plain typeface make the design simple. Then, the product is reduced to merely an essence- a color. The watercolor adds an abstract element. The Behance page shares, “Our proposal created a brand that makes allusion to the natural accents of flavor and aroma in tea getting presented in a minimalistic and approachable way.” The creative branding highlights that every tea has a story, with a unique description and quotations mark logo. To see other tea packaging designs, see our feature on QuinTEAssential or visit our Tea Packaging Pinterest board.


Coffee Packaging

This minimalist packaging example looks at the coffee brand Moccato. The designers replicated the coffee beans shape while trying to appeal to both traditional and contemporary styles. In the end, it found a simplistic design that’s main feature is a punch of color. The creativity continues with a fun branding idea, explained on Behance, that “each color relates to a flavor, but the die cut of the stencil letters is random, which makes the boxes different in every shipment.” Moccato serves “hard core coffee lovers” with coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso. To see more coffee packaging, visit our Coffee Packaging Pinterest board.

Juice Packaging

Fruita Dolca’s glass bottle uses shape and font to appeal consumers while maintaining a minimalist philosophy. The shape mimics the roundness of fruit so fans feel as though they are drinking directly from the source. While the logo appears youthful, the bottle is otherwise unadorned. To see more juice packaging examples, read our featured article.

Beauty Packaging

Heist & Roth, a skincare and beauty brand, hired Robinsson Cravents to develop visual assets like typography, logo, brand symbolism, and the visual mood. The female logo is simplified, but dignified. The lines in the font mimic her structure, producing powerful consistency. The two-tone emphasis also applies minimalist principals, as well as only including necessary text. See more beauty packaging on our Cosmetics Pinterest board.



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