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Meet TeaPee – the Amerindian Herbal Tea Packaging

Meet TeaPee – the Amerindian Herbal Tea Packaging


Maybe tea drinking is not a mainstream culture in our country. In many people’s common sense, tea comes from Europe. Something we know about tea may be the Boston Tea Party, or a tasting British afternoon tea with friends. But have you ever wondered if the Native Americans made their own teas?


Throughout the history, tea was always one of the cross-cultural commodities and an important trading item among lots of countries. Like other nations and cultures, Native American had the tradition of tea drinking. The indigenous ancestors brewed herbal teas by themselves, way before European colonists landed on the shore of North America.


The Canadian student, Sophie Pepin, is the first person who noticed tea was one of the roots of the Native American lifestyle. Inspired by Amerindian’s housing style, she designed a set of packaging for Native American’s medicinal teas and called it “Teapee”. Although Teapee is a hypothetical brand for Sophie’s school project, it is first tea that celebrates the Native American heritage.




“Teapee is a nice way to discover a total experience in the flavor of tea from North American tastes and virtues, which were discovered long before the arrival of the first French settlers on the soil of North America,” said Sophie’s professor.

Each tea flavor has its own Native American cultural pattern that wraps around the packaging, servicing as an opening mechanism. Tea bags inside the packaging are formed in a similar teepee style shape.


This project is raising many eyebrows on social media sites. Not only is the packaging an eye catcher but also the name is creative and cute. The wordplay from “teepee” to “teapee” indicates the origin of the tea and hereby differentiates this tea from other brands from Europe and Asia.


Now you know we have our own tea.


Elizabeth Sanchez
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