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Meat Packaging: Fancy That?

meat packaging

Meat packaging is typically straightforward: the meat served on a styrofoam container sealed with plastic wrap. However, some meat packaging are just as tangy as their product. Check out the most creative meat packaging designs from around the world. You’ll never look at your grocery store options the same!


In efforts to market a more expensive meat and emphasize the naturalness of products, Krasnogorie opted for a thoughtful design. The self-described “meaty” look has an astute purpose, “the pattern of meat fibers takes the shape of farms, villages, Ural Mountains, and free-ranging cattle.” This packaging tells the story of where the product comes from, and why its next destination should be your kitchen. Click the photos to enlarge.

W- Steak

W-Steak noticed that despite Steak often being branded for men, many women buy steak for their families (as noted in a study in China). The Growth Steak targets mothers who want to ensure a high quality, nutritious dinner for her family. The high-end frozen food boxes incorporate a fun design while keeping its class. This isn’t YOUR mom’s frozen meat, it’s W. Click the images to enlarge.


Keep it Cold Chicken

Sophie from Montreal created this meat packaging design as a project. The instructions were to create packaging that would keep food cold during transportation. With an alert chicken on the label contrasted with gentle typography, this packaging design is particularly unique and utilitarian. Click the images to enlarge.

Alicia Rees
I have a soft spot for invention, eco-friendly, and the color green.