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MASHUMARO: japanese candy bento

MASHUMARO: japanese candy bento

MASHUMARO: marshmallow bento
Confectionary based on animator Hayao Miyazaki

Ghibli (pronounced jee-blee) Candy Studio is an umbrella confectionary brand based on the film themes of Japanese writer, animator, and film director Hayao Miyazaki. The name “Ghibli” is derived from Miya­zaki’s animation studio, Studio Ghibli.


Mashumaro is a trio of large marshmallow “baos” filled with various organic fillings stored in a tiered bento box style package. The packaging and experience of the product is a metaphor for the themes of tension and balance between the supernatural, the human world, and nature apparent in Miyazaki’s films. This relationship is visually expressed in the 3 tiers of the packaging, where the layers move together in careful balance.The product would be found in high-end confectionary and gift stores, and the target demographic is trendy women with design and green sensibilities.

This design is by Ning Juang, a New York based designer. Awesome work! It integrates candy and pop culture, a huge plus for kids and fans of japanese anime.



Opened box, scratch and sniff stickers



Velcro Opening, hand drawn illustrations

Box fanned open, hand drawn illustrations


Photo credit: Steven Lau

By G+ Author: Elizabeth Sanchez.

Elizabeth Sanchez
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