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Makeup Product Packaging – Sephora Summer 2014 EXPLICIT Lip Care

Makeup Product Packaging – Sephora Summer 2014 EXPLICIT Lip Care

The summer is about to end. What will you miss most about the summer?  The weather; the sunshine; the ice creams; the beaches; the cold beers; the outdoors seats; and? the summer color!

This summer Sephora US teases us with some Explicit Content. The Explicit Lip Line has six flavors – try Mint Voyage, be amazed by Oh My Grape, Loose your Cherry, Chill with Mango, reach Nimble Banana or even get hot with Beachy Peach!


The EXPLICIT 2014 summer makeup lip care line from Sephora takes inspiration from failproof and ever-delicious fruits. Although fruity flavors have been introduced countless times, Sephora’s new line is all about tease and temptation. Packaging for EXPLICIT is fresh, clean and simple, with each small cubed box using a single color to represent the fruity flavor it contains.





Aside from an ingredient list, there’s not a lot of additional information about the products, but on one side of the color-printed packaging, there is a QR code. This striking Sephora collection was designed by Grisha Serov from Russia.


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