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Lush Packaging

Lush Packaging

Lush cosmetics was one of the first companies to unite makeup and environmental responsibility. All of Lush’s makeup and body products are vegan and made with the environment in mind. Lush packaging is also highly environmentally friendly and the company strives to be a leader in smart packaging initiatives across the globe.

Packaging Initiative

Lush makes it clear that the goal of Lush packaging is to eliminate as much packaging waste as possible and keep any material usage to a minimum. Lush touts that at least half of their products can be purchased without any packaging, such as their soaps, bath bombs, and shampoo bars. Lush also notes on its website that when packaging must be used, the company tries to use recycled and recyclable materials. By weight, 90% of Lush packaging is made from recycled materials.

Conservation of Natural Resources

Lush packaging is also dedicated to conserving natural resources that are frequently used in cosmetics and packaging alike. For example, Lush aims to eliminate the need for water in most of its products. Lush estimates that by not using water in many products like the revolutionary shampoo bar, Lush packaging has saved 450,000 liters a year of clean water that can hopefully be used in a more meaningful way elsewhere.

Lush packaging utilizes raw materials whenever possible as well. One of the things that Lush takes into serious consideration is how the raw materials used in Lush packaging are sourced. Lush is committed to working with sustainable, honest providers. Also, the company uses oils and materials that are easy on the environment and do not leave a large Carbon footprint.


Lush packaging, while environmentally friendly, is also unique in design. The brand name is always displayed in big, white letters that look like they have been painted onto the product with a paintbrush. The white letters are always in contrast with a matte black background featuring product info. A nice touch that Lush packaging provides is a sticker with a painted picture of the person who packaged that particular product.


Lush packaging is able to recycled in more ways than one. The pots of conditioner are always made from 100% recycled materials which overall saves 65 tons of carbon dioxide and 800 barrels of oil a year. Any and all paper products, like the store bags and any giftwrap, are also made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled again and again either at participating stores or through local recycling programs.

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Kristin Goett
Blogger, supports sustainable and innovative packaging initiatives. Always looking for what sets a design apart from its counterparts.