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A Look at Fruit Juice Packaging

A Look at Fruit Juice Packaging

While a consumer product category seems straightforward, businesses can differentiate themselves through mission and product design. Take fruit juice packaging: the following brands have slightly different priorities (as an Italian juice bar, American organic alternative, and German vitamin-infused option) and so packaging differs vastly. To view photos in high resolution, click each picture to enter the gallery mode.



Juice Bar Pistinèga, meaning carrot in Italian, opened it’s business with a strong branding image created by Maurizio Pagnozzi. The logo concept below demonstrates that the thoughtful combination of the letter, carrot and drink form a clean, crisp logo. The strict use of shape and color keeps the branding consistent. As a juicing company, the variety in products sold (including snacks) made for a range of brand materials than typically associated with a juice brand.


Jucy Lu

Jucy Lu, a juice brand that hopes to inspire people to a natural and organic lifestyle, employs a diverse range of designs for their products.  The creative team from El Autobus stated,”The brand is amicable, simple but well crafted, maintaining an almost monochromatic scheme to achieve balance. With this in mind we created: a large set of illustrations, typographic arrangements, icons, stamps and stickers; all of which are intermixed on the packing.” We love the glasses bottles’ different sizes (both milk bottle style and mini) that makes the product look as trendy as the juicing wave.


DOTOD, a fruit juice brand from Munich, attempted to reach out to young adult audiences with the help of designer Ramin Nasibov. The colorful dashes resemble the fruits’ shape and tones. It would have been more visually appealing if the plastic was clear, letting the graphic design pick up the natural traces of color in the juice. However, the boxes add a playful, retro look to the product line.

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.