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A Look at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg Vendor Packaging

A Look at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg Vendor Packaging

Smorgasburg is a weekend food market in Brooklyn, New York. The summer event hosts almost 100 vendors preparing wildly creative snacks, desserts and beverages. While the majority of vendors sell food and drinks to be eaten right away, some companies bottle up their products to be enjoyed at home. When admiring packaged products from Smorgasburg vendors, we get a taste of each company’s style.

With a flirty script and dynamic triangle, the The 3 Nuts packaging gives the product a modern look while still appearing homemade. The company produces a variety of practical and fun flavors. The youthful label was created by Daniela Alvarez, a visual arts graduate, is one of the three “nuts.”

cookie salted cashew

Using a New Orleans approach to brew coffee, the Grady’s Cold Brew label uses color and style to stand against the brown bottle. On the back of the bottle a white box leaves room to write your name, which is helpful for consumers using a shared refrigerators. The mixed typology is refreshing, just like the product.

  gradys-cold-brew-490 (1)


Chopped roots, vegetables and fruit look sleek against the simple ISH Horseradish label. The font color reflects the color of the ingredients that creates a cohesive, polished look.

orangesilo beetsilo




The Cocktail Crate bottle shape resembles a vintage flask, helping people identify its relationship to liquor. The minimalist label leaves plenty of space to show off the mixer’s color.

Ginger_Bee_grande Lavender_Bloom_grande Sriracha_Margarita_grande

The New York based companies capitalize on packaging to represent the products and creators behind each treat. Which product do you want to try first and how did the packaging influence that decision?

Jacqueline Till
Forget "brown paper packages tied up with string," these are a few of my favorite packaging things.